How to Make Dairy Free Yogurt For Good Health?

Yogurt is a yummy sour preparation traditionally made from milk. The milk is left in a container with good bacteria. The fermentation leads to thickening of milk which develops a bitter taste. There are ample health benefits of yogurt because of its probiotic content and is, in fact, a great idea to make yogurt a part of your daily meal. is the good choice if you are looking for a best quality yogurt maker.

However, few people like the other alternative of yogurt i.e. dairy free. The dairy free yogurt replaces the milk with other substitutes which are more beneficial for health and cause minimum harm to those who keep track of their weight. Also, it is to be noted that the substitutes are tastier than the original yogurt because of delicious ingredients used as milk substitutes.


With markets flooded with great yogurt makers, one can now make delicious dairy-free yogurts at the convenience of home without having to run to the supermarket each time.
–    For a non-dairy yogurt, the first pre-requisite is to substitute the milk. One can use soy milk, cashew nut milk, almond milk or even coconut milk. You can retain its rawness by making in a blender or saucepan.

–    The next step comes with adding a thickener. To make the yogurt edible one needs to add the thickener. Agar agar and tapioca are considered as most popular and common thickening agents. They are very easily available and easy to use too. If one is using coconut milk for making the yogurt, the coconut meat can be used as a thickening agent or the coconut cream can also be used. One can also make the yogurt thick by straining it through a cheesecloth.

–    Yogurt is healthy because of its probiotic content. To enhance the health quotient of yogurt one can add probiotic powder or liquid to the homemade yogurt. But the powder or liquid should be vegan and gluten free. If the probiotic is in capsule form, one can empty few capsules in the mixture.

–    For a dairy free yogurt, the taste is utmost important. It needs to be edible enough. One can add a variety of flavors for great taste. Once can make a vanilla yogurt with vanilla powder or cinnamon powder for a cinnamon flavor. One can also add all time favorite chocolate powder for a chocolate flavor. For sweetness, one can add maple syrup too.


–    Now comes the next and one of the most important steps. Empty the mixture in a bowl and cover it. Keep it in a warm and dark place for 48 hours to allow the fermentation. It can also be made in an electric maker where in the yogurt will be ready in a couple of hours. After fermentation store the yogurt in the freezer.

–  Now the yogurt is all ready to eat. One can add extra flavor to yogurt with fruits like banana, cherries, strawberries and nuts like almonds and raisins for an amazing taste. This way one can get a great dairy free pure yogurt with the home recipe.