There are various types of best above ground pool vacuum available in the market. When the pool gets dirty, it is not easy to clean it as there is a lot of dirt mixed in the water. When you do the swimming, you leave a lot of dirt of your body in the swimming pool. Be it the hair of your body, sweat or soap traces. Apart from that being in the open area, leaves and dirt from the sky also fall in the pool.
It can also be feared that algae may grow on the side and bottom of the pool if it is not cleared regularly. So, to get rid of all the dust and debris, you need a pool vacuum cleaner that can quickly clean away the debris and dirt from the swimming pool. Various types of pool vacuum cleaners are available in the market. There are automatic vacuum cleaners and manual pool cleaners.

Here are the famous automatic pool cleaners available in the market-



There is also manual vacuum pool cleaners. They come with instructions on how to set up the vacuum cleaners and clean the pool.
The manual pool cleaner requires being done by people themselves. You have to join the nozzle of the pipe with the pool and then make sure that no air bubbles remain the pipe and then hold the other end of the pipe when the cleaning is being done. It requires one person in charge while the cleaning is being done.  It requires the instructions and then does the cleaning work accordingly. The manual vacuum cleaner is cheaper and available in any hardware store.above ground pool vacuum
The automatic vacuum cleaners are much easier to use. They do not require human interference at all. They do their work by themselves efficiently.
•    SUCTION SIDE CLEANERS are not used by many as their is a fear that they drive up the things like rocks. It can damage the cleaning system of your pool.

•    PRESSURE SIDE CLEANERS are attached to return jet filtration system of the pool. It removes the dust from the filtered places and collects it in a bag to be removed later.

•     ROBOTIC POOL CLEANERS are considered the best as they are set up at the bottom of the pool and they do all the cleaning by themselves. It collects all the dust and debris effectively. However, they are expensive as compared to the other automatic pool cleaners.

So, these are the various pool cleaners available. The automatic one is the best as it does not require any interference and can do all the cleaning effectively by themselves.
The robotic pool cleaners are the best one among the Automatic vacuum pool cleaners. You will get a clear and neat pool using the robotic pool cleaners. The only negative point in them is that they are bit expensive. But, they still do the cleaning in a much efficient way.